Christian bookstore, gift shop and cafe

Where you can find resources to help you grow in the Lord. We have a great range of christian books on a variety of subjects and also dvd's cd's and a wide range of bibles. 
Find that special something for that special occasion.
 A Christening gown, that custom Baptismal candle with your child's name, A Holy Communion gift for your child, a Baby Shower gift to celebrate your best friend's baby arrival and that lovely Birthday gift your friend will treasure. 
Find  beautiful inspirational music to soothe your soul, tees with messages that touches lives ....... and great coffee all day.
We'll love to have you visit us here, at The Living Water Spiritual Lifestyle.

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Note about online store: If you would like to see more of a particular type of product ie: different bracelets or t-shirts or bibles etc please email us and we will send you pictures, as we only put selected items on our online store.